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An Innovative Voice-based Emergency Button!

Our app works using code words that you define in advance! In an emergency, you say the code words you have set, and a sequence of automatic and immediate actions starts running on your cell phone.
A call is made to a contact you have defined, a location is sent in real time, an audible alarm is activated, the situation is recorded and more. Our application can be installed anonymously on the phone, so that no one knows it is there.
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How it Works?




About Us

We are Relyon.ai! We were founded as part of the hackathon named after Michal Sela and since then we have been developing a voice-based application for personal security and emergency situationsOur goal is to harness the power of voice technology to ensure that every person feels safe and protected anytime and anywhere.

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Your Privacy Comes First

Today, we all feel that information is being collected from us all the time. We really ensure that your information stays with you and only you.

How does it actually work? The sound clips in the application, are processed and deleted in your phone only. All sound clips do not go from your device to an external server, neither the company's nor anyone else's.

The rest of the information - the email address you entered, the password, the phone numbers of the contacts, and the actions chosen by you are saved on secure Google servers.

People Say

I heard about the app and had to send a message, well done to you. Be strong and courageous! Update when it is possible to spread
I had an episode of atrial fibrillation and I'm sure that if I had this app, I would use it and it could help me.
This feeling of having the possibility of the alarm is very strong, it gives a sense of security.
A relevant app for those who are alone
I would like to be an ambassador for the app, to bring it to as many women as possible. Unfortunately, I myself know too many women who could save themselves thanks to the app
I was contacted by an expert in domestic violence, he wants to give a disguised emergency button to a violent woman who lives with her partner. I really want to help. Can she purchase your app? How?
I saw Lee's article, I was moved to tears! Can I refer you already?
Wow, really proud! Well done to you, I believe in what you're doing. Thank you on behalf of all the women
I would be much calmer while working if my teenagers had this app on their phone

Relyon in the Media

Reshet 13
The writing was on the wall - more and more cases of violence and murder of women. Lee Sharr, co-founder and CEO of the company, is interviewed in the all-inclusive program and explains how we at relyon.ai are working to prevent the next disaster
Keshet 12
The Keshet 12 Conference of Influencers from Jerusalem brought together the most influential women in Israel to celebrate their work. The conference was held on March 7, 2022 at the Nation Buildings in Jerusalem, and was broadcast live on Beshet 12 and Mako. In the video, Lee Sharr, co-founder and CEO of the company explains about the company, the product and the pilot we held.
Kan 11
Since the beginning of 2021 (up to the date of the article) 21 women have been murdered in Israel. Besides them, there are hundreds of other women who almost entered the list, but at the last moment their lives were saved. In the background of the international day for the prevention of violence against women, a new application is now trying to help women who experience violence in the moment of truth. With the push of a button, a woman in distress can call for help - just before it's too late.

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When you are alerted to a distress, a sequence of automatic actions will be activated that you will define soon. The optional actions - sending an SMS with an exact location in real time to the contacts you set in advance, recording the situation locally on the device, making a call to the contacts you set in advance, activating an alarm sound and activating a camera to document the situation live. Did you accidentally activate the alarm? Everything is fine! You have 15 seconds from the moment the alert is activated to cancel it before the automatic sequence of actions starts :)
From the moment you start the app, it works! Even when the screen is off and in the background.How can you make sure it works in the background? There is a green circle on the side of the home screen next to the battery percentage mark (on Android).It is important for us to clarify - when you are inside the application itself, activation is only possible manually. When you move it to the background, the voice activation will work =)
Restart the app and run it manually. (Click on the emergency button and cancel with PIN code)
Very soon you will define the actions you want to be activated during the alert, and your emergency contacts. You can choose anyone you want, even if they didn't download the app themselves.
We know how much in today's world there is a feeling that information is always being collected about you. we are not. They don't collect information about me and they don't listen to you - not all the time, and not randomly. Your privacy and security are important to us. Therefore, all information is saved exclusively on your personal device! However, we want to improve our model to make the app the best for you, so we would appreciate it if you could take a few seconds to record three words reliably. These three words will help us train and improve our model, in a way that does not harm your privacy =).
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